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You should all get together and file a class action lawsuit, especially Life Members. The club was sold several times, then sold to some online place in NY City that also has affiliations with the great anti-hunter CBS TV.

Now everything is posted on line trying to make it look like the club is still going. Look at the photos and you will see old camo clothes and old folks who were with the club. It's all smoke and mirrors--but nothing there. Yes, you were swindled--BIG time!

Yeah, they are recycling things of FB and You tube, but there is no club. RIP Off.

Review about: North American Hunting Club Trophy Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Agreed, legal action is required. I too have been a member and then life member for over 30 years. Common sense and good customer service would lead club ownership to communicate club changes.


Also a member since 1988 and a life member:Richard M. FieldsMember since 9/88Life Member number 27304Would love to join in a class action law suite and see some justice delved out.Sign me up!


Trophy life member #40406298. Been a trophy life member since 10/2010 but first joined in like 2008/2009 sometime.

Have all my stuff in a box so I can easily find my info. I am all for a class action law suite.

I shot a message to Mark Keyser a while back and asked what was going on and he messaged back saying they had been bought by another company and the club has a closed sign on the door, sounded like he didn't know much himself. I hope a law suite gets going real soon.

to Mark Ensman #1503000

Hi, my name Jeff I have been a life member since the early 2000’s. Has anyone heard anything about a class action lawsuit against the NAHC?? I would be very interested joining in on the lawsuit!!!


I am a trophy life member and I am all for a class action law suite, I feel we all got a raw deal, it wasn't long after I became a trophy life member that they sold out and I feel we are all owed a refund of some sort.


I agree paid for life memembership ain't seen or heard anything in years


I agree with the Law Suit! I became a member sense early 1900's and became a LIFE member in April of 2000.

After doing a tour in the Desert and returning things took time to get settled and I moved to a new place. When I tried to contact NAHC it was NO use and never heard from them again no matter how many times I tried.

TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN (TTMAR) should be their new initials. Mark F.


Would be nice to get a refund since the club is pretty much non-existent.


Life membership #40645170. I too haven't received my magazines in a very long time.

I would love to get my life membership refunded back. Thanks


what is going on north american hnting took my money for a life membership, only to produce ,absolutely nothing.this was a total scam and descet to all who became life members.is this how this company operates? descsiveg people and take their hard earnedcash??i joined in 1986 now i am totaly sorry for joining this scam of a organization.the better business bureau should investigate this scam group!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to stan #1470264

I agree been lifetime member for 15 + years bunch of thieves


I became a life member years ago. Can't find any information on where my stuff is. I would love to get involved in a lawsuit to get my money back


I've became a life member in 2000. Bought the jacket, buckle, etc.

And paid lots of money to these scam artists. I would love to find out more.


Has anyone filed suit yet? I became a life member in June of 2000 and I'm sure many of you know how much was stolen from us.

I have a plaque with the president of the clubs signature. Maybe we need to hunt ole Steve Burke down and take it out of his rear-end!


I joined in 1989 as a life member.


i joined in 2003 life member and with the fishing club to


I became life member in 2005 and stopped receiving my magazine I believe in 2013! Steve R


I joined them in the early 2000's as a life time member never got the jacket nor the belt buckle that they said would come in. I did get a few magazines but, other than that I have recieved nothing else. I also would like to say I was a field tester and that went NO where either.

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