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I don't recall when my magazines stopped coming and then I started getting hunting magazines I never subscribed to and I should have known something was up. I've moved so many times, I got tired of updating my address with them, but here we are.

I've tried calling and now you can't even find a contact online. Time to let the FEDS know and get a class action lawsuit filed before they file for bankruptcy, if they haven't already. Anyone have experience in Civil Lawsuits?

I would take it on if there was enough interest to pursue, but I have enough problems trying to sue my builder. I hope someone can proceed against NAHC

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. jobu_ak stated that there is a room for improvement of no magazines and being ripped off. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of north american hunting club membership and associated monetary loss in the amount of $350. North American Hunting Club needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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I think I joined in 1986 and bought several items from them. Haven't received a magazine in ten years or more.

The same thing goes for the North American Fishing Club. I'm a Life Member of both.

I'm in for a lawsuit. We were all taken for a ride by these people.


What the blank is up with companies today..our system allows the consumer to get ripped off every time I turn around. I have been off the grid for a spell, and now am updating my memberships to find my lifetime membership with NAHC for $350 has been thrown into the crapper.

Yes, I am in total agreement with a class action lawsuit! Count me in! How do we proceed.

For that matter, I am unable to log in to update my profile to do anything! So how would I even know if I can jump on board if and when this was to happen?


I been a life member sonce the 80's, magazines stop coming in never heard from them again. Im in for a class action lawsuit.

Dr. Edelmiro Santiago M.D.


I havent had anything from them in awhile. was there ever a law suit against them


I been a life member since 1999. I got a card with 402666503 on it with my name James Cooper and couple magazines. Nothing since.


Been a member since 1993. Haven't recieved nothing from them in years.


Been a lifetime member since 1991 and no magazine or anything from them in alot of years.


been a life member since 4/1988. when it first started out a great magazine but have not recieved a magazine in years


They stopped sending my magazine yrs ago and I have been a life member since 1991.They have made promises they never meant to keep!


They hooked everyone in and was able to hunt all over the world and never completed their end of the deal for members 6 years ago they wanted me to upgrade my life membership I think they were low in funds for hunts

to IncredibleBengalTiger #1485246

I am a life member too and they wanted me to upgrade mine also which seemed odd Now it seems a lot of people have been scammed and out a lot of money


Life member as well. Was going through things in the closet and and came across my life time member stuff and it clicked that I haven't gotten anything in years.

Decided to look them up on Google and discovered all these threads. Guess they really scammed everyone


Oh I forgot I also have 2 belt buckles, gun case an assorted knive, I have spent a couple grand on all the things I have purchased through them.Life member #40495924 since 06/2005


I am a life member also. Can't remember the last time I recieved a magazine, test product or even an email.

I've called the phone numbers listed on my membership paper work an they are no longer in service. I've spent countless amounts of money with them an now for past several years nothing.

Ive bought life member ring, a book collection, a jewelry box an now it's like I and them don't exist. LETS SUE THERE {{Redacted}}!!!!!


i agree i paid for a life membership/was never contacted,sad!


Does anyone know how to contact for life insurance paid for through them? Father passed away and had life insurance but can't find out about it.


EddieBeen a life member for years, back in the 80s it was a good magazine now nothing.I'm in if you get the law suit going.


i to have a life time membership. i still have there sticker on my 1996 dodge pick up side window.

i got a few books and then no word from them, all though they have my money. i think it was a rip off from the start.


Life member here, got the stupid plaque, patch etc.. Last time I looked into this, 4-5 years ago, there was nothing could be done.

They were gone, money gone, magazines gone, begging for $$ stopped. Phone numbers disco’d, mail returned to sender no such address. Paid for them to go on international hunting trips, got nothing in return.

Basically I was screwed. They sucked, they still suck, will always suck, *** of the earth.


Me too ..I'm in. Been a lifetime member since the 90s

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