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I think all us life member need to get to gather and sue for our money back we all should find a good lawyer and start a class action suit to receive what we are owed I'm going to call mine and figure out what I have to do to start I then will get of hold of some of the other life member to start the process to get why we are owed a company can't just take our money for services then not give them to use I was told I would get extra services when I get the trophy hunter life membership but I haven't received any extra services *** the now are spending the 10 magazine that I was promised

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Im pissee.

I didn't like: Your company, Suck.

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Life Member since 1999, Trophy Life Member since 2009? I have not seen a magazine or heard from them in years


Member since 2010. Very disappointed.


Ricky Branham I have been a member sense 2002 alife time member cost me 350.00have not seen or heard from the S.O.Bs in over7 Years they stoled my money.They make you kind of lerry about these other clubs.


Been a life member since 2007, haven't heard anything for a while now. My dad is also a life member, he was going to send them an address change because he hadn't gotten any magazines and pointed this info out to me.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1346293

They. Rip me off two

West Virginia, United States #1346012

I became a Life Member 10 years ago, got magazines for a year and a half. got a couple free gifts, never any field test stuff.

sense then , nothing.

wondering if they are still riping people off. life Member, Life Nothing.

Arizona, United States #1339889

I am in, I have been a life member for almost 10 years and haven't received anything in over 4 years.

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #1336934

I'm late to jump on the bandwagon, I also got suckered into a life/trophy membership, I got my lifetime in 97. Anyone heard of anything? ,is North American Hunter, online the same company?

Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States #1334221

Been a trophy life member fore 14 years , got nothing but a jacket an card , I would like to join the class action sute

to Anonymous #1404684

Me too same situation!

Hartland, Wisconsin, United States #1263792

i have been a life member for about 7 yrs. and like vthe rest of you all, i havent heard squat from them either, as far as i am concern it has been a big scam, lesson never join a club i have to pay for to be in

Alma, Michigan, United States #1249082

yeah they ripped me off too ordered knives there was supposed to come in good shape that is Rusted pitted would you like another shot no I would like my money back or we can't do that North American hunting club is a rip off. They charged almost $500 and I give you nothing all we did was make that man rich I want my money back

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #1219130

I'm in for a class action suit. Haven't received any mags or other communication from these guys in a long time. I also am a life member since '96.

Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States #1216576

Life member then upgraded to Trophy Life many years ago. Haven't received anything from them in years.


Been a Trophy Life Member since 2004 and a life member many years before that. Haven't gotten a magazine in years.

Reno, Nevada, United States #1202306

Count me in. I paid for the life membership then upgraded to a trophy life membership.

If memory serves me corrrect, they redid the magazine to an oversized format like ESPN The Magazine about two years ago, sent out one issue and that was last one. If this isn't faud, I don't know what is.


I agree, I also paid for life member and trophy member, I can't even log in any more. Tried to change log in, it won't even do that. E-mail

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #1139650

I have been a gold lifetime member since 95' and yes same as the rest have received nothing. This does not sit well with me at all either.


Agree! Became a lifetime trophy member about 10 years ago.

No magazine, no field test items etc.

it's like I no longer exist! Klamath Falls, OR

Crystal, Michigan, United States #1088178

I`m a Trophy Member also since 2006 40531510 your right count me in. This is BULL ***

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