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I have been a Life memeber since he early 90's, like others i receive many magazines and only recently realized i hadnt seen an NAHC magazine in a while. when i did a quick search, i was enlightened to find out this has been going on for a while and many, if not all others also arent receiving their subscriptions.

I read in some post that they declared bankruptcy but havent been able to establish this. However these "scout" emails that seem to be some re-branding of NAHC seem to frequent my email.

Does anyone know? Either way, they are in direct breech of their end with no attempts to rectify from everything i have seen or experienced.

Product or Service Mentioned: North American Hunting Club Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Charles Town, West Virginia, United States #1320584

i am an advanced life member and haven't recieved anything for quite sometime. If this is a contuining problem how about sending my member fees back as i can use them for a better reason.

Tehama County, California, United States #1316990

We have been trying to contact them for sometime. All numbers have been disconnected or no longer in service.

We have not received a bill in a very long time.

Did you see that they had filed bankruptcy? I see that they come up when I google them however, no contact # or a phone number that doesn't work.

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