North American Hunting Club Lifetime Membership Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
I received all the initial items that were part of the Life Member package, to include 1 or 2 products to test within the first year or so, so everything was great and seemed legit. Then the monthly magazine subscription ended at the beginning of 2014, and I cannot get anywhere online now that they have switched to the Scout network! I can log onto the Scout network and view my profile, but once on the North American Hunting Club page, it...
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I liked
  • Magazines and products to test
I didn't like
  • Getting scammed
I first joined as an annual member in 1992, to test it for a few years, and things seemed great. Not sure what year it was I paid the $750.00 for a life membership. Many others have paid more, and much more recently. Now when I finally find a number and call them I get told to go to the web site, but there, I need to log in to get anywhere, and my member number is not accepted. Has anyone reported this SCAM to the Attorney General, or started...
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