Yeah I have a comment I would like to post about north american hunting club,I joined,received my magazines, and my free gift. Then I started getting all these books in the mail.

After miss placing one of the books and my son (who was twelve) started taking them to his room, I was getting billed. So I paid for those few. I called And asked them to stop. That's when I received the big collection of books and returned them to the post office, and I kept getting billed for the books.

So I called again, they said they never received the books back. That's when the whole pay or this could effect your credit status. I decided to pay. I would advise any one who thinks to join to look deep into what they really need.

Buy your favorite hunting magazines from a school kid, read the ads in the back do a search on line for hinting camps and you'll. Get all the free info you want. As far as the free gifts, they are all made in China. If you want good hunting clothes look at the salvation army shops, I found a pair of Wooldridge and a pair of white stag jacket and pants.

There are to many strings and problems attached to getting the free stuff. I joined as a life member and all I ever asked them for was a replacement life member patch for the back of my jacket. After three years I never got one.

But I'll never forget I asked. All I can say is lessened learned.

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