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All of the members of this organization have been ripped off. We need to organize a law suit against NAHC and NAFC.

This is failure to fulfill their end of the membership ie magazines and anything else that was promosed by them. We need to unite and go after them.

This person wrote the review because of order processing issue at North American Hunting Club. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants North American Hunting Club to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by North American Hunting Club and north american hunting club membership for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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I completely agree this is Bill Miller's number I found on his website (952) 270 8839. He has to have some sort of idea what happened and has to be at fault in some way since he was the president.

Or atleast contacting him will be a start. I left him a voicemail.

We need to organize some sort of lawsuit. Any members that are lawyers out there?

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