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I became a life member back in the mid/late 90's and bought several things from the club but apparently since I have a 6 digit member number instead of the now 8 digit number they assign you when you become a life member, I'm no longer an active member. That's a bunch of bs!!

I would like reimbursed for the life member dues I paid!

I gave those sons of *** a lot of money over the time I was a member, I bought books, videos, a couple coin sets and I even bought a camo weather proof hunting suit for an unGodly amount of money. I'm sure there's more but that's all that comes to mind

Product or Service Mentioned: North American Hunting Club Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So what do you want to do ?

Remain a "member" and continue to pay "unGodly amount of money" ?

I think you should be glad for an excuse to bail on this abuse of your wallet.

'til death do us part is only for excellent marriages and fairy tales.

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