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sign up

How do I sign up ? I have been a LIFE member since the start now I can`t sign in or even get in touch with anyone.


Trophy Life Membership & club information

What happened to our club "North American Hunting Club"?I was a Life Member and helped start the club.

My membership number is "210". I was on their Outfitter Advisory Panel back in the late 70's and early 80's. I supported the club for decades.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR GREAT ORGANIZATION with over 900 thousand members?Jack Wemple Victor, MT 59875


Moved 2tomes and lost my life member ship ID



I am a life time member but have not been receiving my magazine. Patrick Caroline 7911 73rd Ave NW Donnybrook, ND 58734


I moved and I don't know how to get my new address to the company so I can get the mag. mailed to my new address.


not receiving any benefits

Ihave been a life time member but have not received any magazines or any other benefits, what is he deal? My name is Dennis Neely, if there is a problem with my address: 377 E Main St, Mahaffey,PA 15757 Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Lifetime membership

I have been a lifetime member since January 2008 paid in full.I am no longer receiving any benefits and am wondering why.

Have you gone out of business?

I see there have been no answers to any of the other customers who also are life members.Why?


Magazine subscription

I have been a Life Member since 10/2004.My I.D.

# 40687725.

Why have I not received a magazine for several years.I've paid a lot of money, and not gotten anything in return!?


Concerned life member

I have not received a magazine in a year or more. Do life members stop receiving magazines after a certain time?


Life time membership

I am a lifetime membership and now I don't get anything anymore. I have the plaque I also have the vest and gun case showing I'm a lifetime membership. Why did I pay all that money and in return I get nothing now boy did I get ripped off


why have I stopped getting my benefits

I have been a totally paid up trophy life member for several years now and I would like to know why I am no longer getting my benefits from the club


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