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my magazine

my husband is a life time member and he is no longer getting his magazine, and he wants to know why he is no longer getting it. he has been a member since 02/1998 and his member number is 40212770, and his name is Edward Price, thank you Robbie Price our new address is 1901 US Hwy 17 92 Lot 169 Lake Alfred, FL 33850



how do I become a member and how much to joine if still going.


magizine-have not been reciving

No question except why has my magazine has stopped coming. Also where can I find information on the free life insurane I recived when I became a life member #40200940


what is going on

why am i not getting my magazines or the rest of my knife collection when they are paid for or anything else i have asked before this and still no responce or any word at all would like to know like now cause this aint right at all i have been a life time trophy member since 2009


Same problem LIfe member. No magazine for a long time.



I have been a life member for many years now. There has been alot goin on forva while now, things are finnaly settling down and i realised i have not gotten a magazine in some time.

Did you stop publishing them or am i just not getting them for some reason. My name is reuben stocking address is 5578 ackerman hill rd belmont ny14813


Life time members

My Dad is 87. He is a life time member. He wants to know how to get in contact with North American Hunting Club????????



Where is my magazine?



Many years ago I was a lifetime member and was on a payment plan for the membership. My financial situation changed and I could not continue paying on the membership.

Is there any chance there is a record of my membership? Thanks Paul;


NAHC phone number and magazine

Why do I not receive my magazine or trial items and benefits? Is it possible to get a phone number or some other way to contact you?

Richard Ansberry 1173 Jeep Rd Abilene Kansas 67410 Do not know where my member number is. Thank you.


I was wondering the same thing


Looking for same info! Are they outta business? We've been a like member since early 80s


Change of address for magazine subscription

Need a contact phone # please I’m a life member that has move to a new address


I'm a life member and I have moved and I have not received anything in about two yearsi belive my number was 4001573 ray price po box 147 is my new addressand I am not upset just want my magizens back


I am a life member and moved about a year life member number is #40041845 9 # HC.

My old address was 3085 Pioneer Estates Road, Dalhart, Texas 79022.

My new address is 13118 NE 13th Ave., Amarillo, Texas 79111.

Please do a change of address for me and send my magazines as I miss them very much.

thank you

Elbert P. Hampton, 806-683-7833 NOT PISSED OFF


I am member #40613030, and have moved:

my current mailing address is : 11031 W Bluefield Court

SunCity, AZ 85351

Please forward my magazine and/or other correspondence to my new address.

Thank You and Happy New Year


Phone number

Does anyone have the phone number for the North America Hunting Club. Who like to call them about my membership



I have been a Life Member since the 80's and have not received a magazine or other info from the NAHC for the last few years. Is this how you organization treats it's Life members.

You take our money and run, Is this how you want to be known. What is going on ??????

Do I need to start bad publicity for you. This isn't right !!!!


sign up

How do I sign up ? I have been a LIFE member since the start now I can`t sign in or even get in touch with anyone.


Trophy Life Membership & club information

What happened to our club "North American Hunting Club"? I was a Life Member and helped start the club.

My membership number is "210". I was on their Outfitter Advisory Panel back in the late 70's and early 80's. I supported the club for decades.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR GREAT ORGANIZATION with over 900 thousand members? Jack Wemple Victor, MT 59875


Moved 2tomes and lost my life member ship ID



I am a life time member but have not been receiving my magazine. Patrick Caroline 7911 73rd Ave NW Donnybrook, ND 58734


I moved and I don't know how to get my new address to the company so I can get the mag. mailed to my new address.


not receiving any benefits

Ihave been a life time member but have not received any magazines or any other benefits, what is he deal? My name is Dennis Neely, if there is a problem with my address: 377 E Main St, Mahaffey,PA 15757 Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Lifetime membership

I have been a lifetime member since January 2008 paid in full. I am no longer receiving any benefits and am wondering why.

Have you gone out of business?

I see there have been no answers to any of the other customers who also are life members. Why?


Magazine subscription

I have been a Life Member since 10/2004. My I.D.

# 40687725.

Why have I not received a magazine for several years. I've paid a lot of money, and not gotten anything in return!?


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