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Life time membership

I am a lifetime membership and now I don't get anything anymore. I have the plaque I also have the vest and gun case showing I'm a lifetime membership. Why did I pay all that money and in return I get nothing now boy did I get ripped off


why have I stopped getting my benefits

I have been a totally paid up trophy life member for several years now and I would like to know why I am no longer getting my benefits from the club


life member 40478889 9# hc

how come I have not heard or received a magazine from you ? The last one I got was April/ May 2013 . Leslie Olmstead 1790 Yates Carlton Townline rd Lyndonville NEW YORK 14098



How to fix picture that slid out of frame


What happened to my North American Hunting magazine

what happened to my North American Hunting magazine???????I paid for a "Life" membership and I'm not dead.

I have not moved and I want my magazine or a refund.I am a life time member since 2008


Reading some of the questions that have already ask with no answers. I don't need to ask, myself the same question

I have been a member since 07/2000. I have move to anther state and sent a change of address with no result. What can I do to fix this problem?


where are my magazines

been life member for long time 30 plus no correspondence for years


How to remove my phone number

I emailed two days ago for least 2 people have called me since then asking about the nahc.please get my number off of the site.Thanks


My number is on your website as your customer service #. If my # is not removed I will contact my lawyer


Same as hers,why has my husband been a 17 yr. Member and not received ANY MAGAZINE, nor get in touch with NAHC


why does my husband, who has been a life member for 13 years, no longer receive the monthly magazine


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