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I need a new card

I have been a life time member since May 2000. I don't get anything anymore about what's going on. I need a new life time member card, and my free gifts i haven't been getting. Please respond back promptly. Thank you Donald Abbott
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  • Not getting test products
  • Life membership lost
  • Not recieving magazine anymore
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Class action suit

You should all get together and file a class action lawsuit, especially Life Members. The club was sold several times, then sold to some online place in NY City that also has affiliations with the great anti-hunter CBS TV. Now everything is posted on line trying to make it look like the club is still going. Look at the photos and you will see old camo clothes and old folks who were with the club. It's all smoke and mirrors--but nothing there. Yes, you were swindled--BIG time! Yeah, they are recycling things of FB and You tube, but there is no club. RIP Off.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Full refund


Life Membership400439** **/1986 I'll join a class action. Kgusmc@***.com


Life member since 2011. Add me to the lawsuit please.


Add me to the list. I know a few other life members who also got screwed. If anyone knows a good lawyer I'll sign on to the lawsuit today!!


I would like to be part of this class action lawsuit as I am a life member of North American hunting club


I am in the same boat as the rest of you, I paid for lifetime membership in the 90’s and like you it was the worse decision I have made, to think a company would be able to get by with taking money from hard working, outdoor loving people and not have to make it right with everyone that paid for these benefits….


In the same boat as the rest. Life member and swindled out of everything. Biggest scam of the 90's.


Life member since the early 90's. I would like my money back too.


I feel cheated also...I want compensation


I was a life member also and received absolutely nothing


Yes I paid for a life membership over 25 years ago and have seen nothing in 15 plus years

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Lousy Customer Service

I feel where you're coming from. I joined them right after they started up. I paid for the yearly set up at first. After a year I was offered a good deal to become a life member, and I took it. The magazines were real good, and the field testing was fantastic. I got some really nice items to keep after testing them. But then the magazines stopped coming every month. And then they had larger sized magazines, they called them coffee table sized. These only came every three months. And that only last a year before they stopped coming too. And then the field testing they pawned off to some other outfit called "Stuff Stuff, and that went on for about two years. They gave out some nice stuff, but not as nice as the original NAHC. Then they closed shop without any kind of notice. I've exhausted all attempts to contact them to find out what's what. Personally, I think they went belly up and failed to notify membership.
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  • Getting magazine product testing
  • Was good in the beginning
  • First ten years
  • Life time membership
  • No customer service phone number

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Save your money and DO NOT even consider joining the NORTH AMERICAN HUNTING CLUB.

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NO, I haven't heard word one from them since posting my complaint. Then again, I really wasn't expecting to hear from them.

I've considered them a lost cause for so long now ! It would surprise the heck out of me if I did hear something from them !

Donald A Vkk

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Receive nothing

When I 1st became a life member in 2008 they started sending me these really nice hard back hunting books, then said I owed them for the books, if I didn't want them I Had to pay for postage and send them back. I haven't heard from them since 3 months after I joined. Just ran across my membership card and thought I'd look them up and see about those free magazines I'm supposed to be getting and found you guys. Hmm? Your comments got me thinking I've probably got nothing coming
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Preferred solution: Full refund

JO O Yjs

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Are you still in Business I have a LIFETIME SCRIPT with You and Havent had a Magizine in YEARS Whats Up with This wheres my LIFETIME Warrenty for All the Money it Cost Me to be with You

I Paid for a LIFETIME SCRIPT to Your Magazines and Have NOT RECEIVED ANY in YEARS Ive Bought alot of Produce from your company and was a faithful Suscriber all those years and Finally got My Lifetime Paid for Over the YEARS and then It Just Stopped so I'M Upset and think something should be Done to FIX this Matter .I have a WALL PLAQUE that Says I'm a LIFETIME MEMBOR since 2001 , that took me Years to Pay for .I paid Every Month till I got it Paid for and then YOU just Drop it ???. I have Silver Coins with BUCKS on THEM and the Boxes to store them , also from You . I would like to get a Reply back from this letter , Something needs to be DONE . Thank You and will be waiting for a Responce . joono3251@***.net Jo Ann OConnor
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User's recommendation: not good

Stephen G Lpe

I paid for life subscription and Max life subscription