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ive been trying to find the old website to northamerican hunting club but found out its this new scout or somthing so it looks like sombody bought out the hunting club. so im done giveing money for my life membership and what happend to the gear testing it has all this other stuff that doesnt involve hunting at all it just doesnt seem right to change everything and not say a word to the users. and i still havent got the gun case that was promised when i sent about $85 dollars so aleast ill be savin my money for somthing better than this new club

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Kalispell, Montana, United States #917257

I have also some complaints, When I joined the life membership in 09/93. I did get a heavy coat, that was to big, so I gave it to my son.I also received a belt buckle, gave that away also.

Then I started applying for some items I would have liked, but alas didn't ever get anything, so after a while I also gave that up also. So I *** figured I'd cut my losses. After a few pretty expensive hunting knives were offered, that I couldn't afford. I quit even looking at the club.

then about a year ago I received a nice looking "Bucks & Bulls" folding pocket knife, for free. When it was stolen , along with quite a few other items, I knew who had taken the stuff. But it wasn't worth a family fight, so I dropped it. I called NAHC, and told a lady about my knife, so this very nice lady sent me another knife, wasn't as pretty as the first one, but the fact that the club replaced it was really nice.

It renewed my faith in the club.

There were a lot of other items I tried for but never got any of them. Oh well, enough of my complaining, Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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